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Celebrating 100 years in the auction business!

In march of 1914, my grandfather Earl Koogler, started in the auction business.
He probably did not realize that the business would have the longevity that it has had.

Grandpa work with several different auctioneers through the years including his brother Burt
who was struck by lighting after only a year or so working with grandpa on the auctions.

During the depression he would have sales almost everyday as people were trying to
make money any way they could.


My father Everett started working with grandpa in 1950. They went under the name of
Earl Koogler and Son. They worked on many sales together through the years up until
grandpa's death in August of 1969.

At the time of grandpa's passing, dad worked with several auctioneers around the area.

In 1983, I got my start, thus making it three generations of auctioneers. Through the
years things have changed greatly. Dad still has his license but does not sell anymore.
He is probably the oldest licensed auctioneer in the state if not the nation.

I received some good news this year as my son Justin who lives in idaho is going to
be an auctioneer out there making it four generations.

We are also three generations in the real estate business.

We are very proud of our family tradition and hope that we can be of service
to you in the near future.

Please feel free to give us a call.

Respectfully, Garry Koogler

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